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The Venue

What is dessert anyway?

When you come to Room4Dessert in Ubud after hiking up a hill or even having your hotel drop you off in an air conditioned luxury multi person vehicle, we want to take you away to yet another place.  Stroll through our garden, check out our new plants, and take a peek into the mind of the process behind the place. Where it all begins. The nursery. Greenness, especially in rainy season, and leafiness, and just the essence of Bali: nowness.

Step inside our little restaurant and check out our comfy sofa and chairs, and scootch into our world.  A world of muted yet vibrant colors, comfy fabrics, cool drinks, warm service and hot hot hot flavors. Don’t forget our crispity crunchity textures too.  

Although Chef Goldfarb’s astrological sign just missed being a Gemini, Room4Dessert still maintains that you should expect the unexpected. We don’t provoke for provocation’s sake, but try our best to satisfy you with a dizzying array of tastes, temperatures, textures, tipples, and tunes.

Let our ace staff ease you in to a parade of plates, some more savory, some less, some big, some small, who knows, maybe even some to share.  Some green, some yellow, some pretty plain white actually. Check out the big plates from Gaya Ceramic which make everything look oh so nice. And don’t forget to smile, just like our team, who are genuinely happy to welcome you into our home.  

We have nice liquid-y things too.  Days and nights spent in our garden apothecary and research and development center (The Manor Born) have yielded the most perfect-est accompaniments to all your degustationary dessert delights.  And if that doesn’t get you, the vintage champagne will.

Chill out, don’t panic, it’s only pastry.

When you walk through the shadow of the valley of our front brick gate, take a look in our eyes and realize there is something left.  To eat.