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R4D Garden Apothecary

We have been obsessed with medicinal plants in the Balinese tradition for several years, following an essential tract by Ibu Robin Lim from Bumi Sehat. Her Living Pharmacy collection entrances with its traditional remedies and holistic traditions and allowed us to dive deep into the aromatic plant kingdom.

It took awhile, about seven years, to scratch the garden itch. But oh, how we scratched it. Currently Room4Dessert is surrounded, literally surrounded, with our live Garden Apothecary, where each day the team work in conjunction with our gardener to maximize flavor and ripeness using a tradition of permaculture which neither pollutes nor exploits our awesome natural environment.

We also have worms. And dirt. And compost. Even Nurseries. The Manor Born, our garden centered research and development space. And a whole lot of new microorganisms to add to the team of young Balinese and Indonesians who make R4D tick. (We probably don’t have ticks.) Our water treatment system is designed to minimize our footprint while maximizing our efficiency and harmony with our Ubudian home.

The garden will be a living and learning space where we study and work together to make the most delicious-est and aromatic treats this side of paradise.

Aside: an ode to compost

The OWC or Organic Wealth Center for long has hot hot hot composting (in addition to aforementioned worm farming) which turns the restaurant waste into soil food (not to be confused with soul food) to grow our tasty leaves, flowers and shoots.  The nursery, like our staff training program, raises locally available seedlings, and increases their resilience for the hot and heavy climate of a busy R4D service. In a further stretching of the analogy, even the layering of the plants is referred to as a guild, much as our team engage in ongoing training and apprenticeship style learning which may at times feel a bit medieval.

Much like our kitchen, the garden indulges in a waste not want not management style keeping all the healthy nutrients (and all the delicious flavors) locked and loaded.  

No spraying, no pleading and excuses.  Just rain water and prayer to chase out excuses.