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Our Bali

Take a walk down any alley in Ubud and chances are you will find yourself in another world.  Lost in time, lost in space, just lost. But pleasantly.

There is something about the air, the smell, the heat, the sun, the bright greens, the grey greys, the general vividity of it all that just makes it absolutely just right.  Once Bali gets its hooks in you, it’s genuinely irresistible. Or at least that’s what we found, a decade ago, and the more time we spend and the deeper our relationships grow, the more meaning and joy we take from the everyday chaos and control, hustle bustle, harmony and not.

The Balinese people take good care of us and make us feel like we are part of a big family, much like we try to do when you get here.  From ceremonies across the street to motorbikes in the road to chickens in our garden, it is just so very moreish. But not to minimize or reduce the ceremony to a mere visual cue, because it is so much more.  The essence of balance and peace comes from a very specific place in thought and belief. And it is up to us to fit any vision of what we do around or inside this already well constructed universe.

When it comes to ingredients for a pastry chef, it is literally a paradise. Fresh chocolate, coffee, coconuts, spices, sugar and salt…I mean, what more do you need?

Having all this and so much more within an hour or so of the restaurant gives our food a freshness that can’t be beat.  The next step of course is to grow our own, as you can see. Let’s see where that adventure takes us.

It’s a pretty cool place to make stuff, as you can see from our partners…

The care
The interaction
The Balinese people
How the place doesn’t exist without the people…
the place… the feeling
The ingredients… the lifestyle…
The awareness
The harmony