Frequently Asked Questions

How much is this night of debauchery going to set me back?

Well, it depends.

We peg our prices to the dollar (US) currently, so… 

The Tasting Experience with pairing is ‘bout 84, or roughly 1,19jt (millions of rupiah.)
(7 Desserts paired with cocktails, snacks and petits fours)

A “spiritless” pairing (w/o alcohol) will be 68 dollars, or about 960k (000’s rupiah again.)
(7 Desserts with alcohol free pairing, snacks and petits fours)

An unpaired menu will be 55 special dollars, or about 790k (thousands of rupiah.)
(7 Desserts without any drinks paired, snacks and petits fours)

These prices do not include: Bottled water; A la carte beverages; Aperitifs and Digestifs with snacks and petits fours.

Prices are per person and exclusive of 21% government tax and service (as well as subject to change at a moment’s notice.)

Can I bring my child/ren?

Basically, no.
Due to the duration of the menu, the dining room is meant for adults and young adults of 8 and above.  But any and all guests at the table will be served the same menu, and therefore charged the same amount with no exceptions.  

We do not have highchairs, nor space for them, and we do not allow domestic caregivers or any other type of household staff.
We strongly recommend that you arrange with your hotel or residence for childcare during your time with us.

Young children tend not to do well here over two to three hours, and our excitement of welcoming you and maximizing your enjoyment must be balanced with our courtesy to all of our other guests in our small and intimate space.

How about my… dietary restriction, serious allergy?

Again, but with an even heavier heart, as we are a very small restaurant trying to do our best that we take care of everyone as bestest as possible, we regret that we are unable to alter our tasting menu for any reason.

In the cases of severe allergy, we will clearly indicate when and where allergens appear and encourage you not to consume items in immediate proximity.  Please note that all allergens are processed in the same facility and we therefore cannot assume any responsibility or liability for exposure.

Do you do gift cards?

We are working on it.

 In the meantime we can process payment for a voucher. 

Should I eat before coming?

We plan to satisfy you.  Although we cannot speak for everybody, we have found that our menu is satisfying for the average person.  Perhaps a late lunch?…

Do all members of the table have to have the tasting menu?

Yes – as a super small place with very limited seating we can only take care of everybody to our best ability with this single menu option.

We therefore cannot allow visitors to join at any time, although we will try to find a place for them to feel comfortable outside the restaurant when clement weather permits.

How do I get there and back?

Well, it can be tricky to get here during high season as traffic is literally unbearable.  It can take as much as an hour just to get across Ubud’s Main Street. Also, keep in mind that parking is extremely limited, and that ride sharing applications are strictly prohibited.  Although we work closely with the neighborhood association to assure smooth transit home, they do not answer to us, and the pricing may be higher than you expect, but is subject to your negotiation.

How long will the experience last?

A night at Room 4 Dessert will be approximately 2.5 – 3 hours.

Do you accommodate a group more than 6 pax?

Yes, we do. For larger groups, please inquire by emailing us at