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R4D Personnel

A note from Chef Goldfarb

There is a very famous quote attributed to the late, great Paul Bocuse which I like to trot out whenever people ask me if I travel.  

He was asked, simply, “Who cooks when you aren’t there?”

And the response, “The same people who cook when I am there.”

In some ways I think that R4D is even better when I’m not here as each of our team members have a chance to truly let their personality shine through without the big bad elephant in the room.  But at the same time I am at home on the line, and on the floor, but the reason I am so at home is because of the people who work here.

Each team member whether here for one day or five years has an integral role to play in everything that we do, and we try to be as supportive as possible, helping them develop new skills and new approaches, encouraging exploration, building confidence.  

For example this year our senior staff will be sent to the best restaurants in the region while we are closed to take them and R4D to a new level for 2019.

I could tell  you stories for days, and frequently do, about each staff member, where they come from, how they got here, how they have developed, where they will go next, but it might just be more charming if you heard it from them directly.

In any case, here are some of the people who make Room4Dessert so special:

Ni Kadek Sueni 'Eny'

I Nyoman Sugita 'Pak Komang'

Komang Sukrada Yasa 'Koming'


Ni Kadek Catri Diah Wardani 'Catri'

Grace Costavina Prilia 'Grace'

Ni Kadek Ayulyani 'Cilito'