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R4D Academy

We are an eager bunch of people, always hungry for knowledge, always ready to learn, and always happy to share. The closed borders did have their grips on us for a while (we broke free) and then, we thought, how can we share more about ourselves when we are still closed to the rest of the world. So we devised a plan.

In May 2021, we launched R4A, or the R4D Academy. It is our incredible new series of pastry classes. We’ve had two amazing enrollments then and on September 2021, and we are now opening our third batch of the program.

Four amazing weeks of hands-on learning and excursions around our incredible island. Safe and healthy learning, the R4D way.

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R4A Modules

Our R4A classes will be led by a demonstration from Chef Will, followed by hands on training, and each week will be completed by a signature dessert. The modules are:

Week 1 (18-22 April) :
Ice cream and other frozen treats

Week 2 (25-29 April) :
New style mousses, gelees, tropical fruits and sauces

Week 3 (2-6 May) :
Fun with cakes and doughs

Week 4 (9-13 May) :
Finishing touches, building blocks for great plated desserts

Four week course is USD 3,990 per person
Individual weeks is USD 1,190 per person (if available)