Season 11: Strange Bedfellows

The following is a working menu for the upcoming season, subject to change to slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, product availability, and pure whimsy.

Please don’t hate us if it either changes or stays the same.

Passion You
Bubur injin, wild passion, Balinese basil
Black rice, orgeat

Ya Bro
Cashew2, mango, torch ginger flower
Honeydew melon

Choux, LaMont
Yogurt, tamarillo, kenanga
Jasmine flower, mugwort

Kenari nut, cocoa, cardamon

Grass jelly, santen, black apple
Ginger flower, palm sugar 

Pomelo, nigari

Warm mousse of Samsaman plantation chocolate with lime and kluwak
Brum Bali 

Full Tasting Experience is 1190 per person
Spiritless Tasting is 960 per person
Unpaired Tasting menu is 790 per person

*Prices are per person, in thousand Rupiah and do not include 21% government tax and service charge.