Season 9: The Movie

The following is a working menu for the upcoming season, subject to change to slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, product availability, and pure whimsy.

Please don’t hate us if it either changes or stays the same.

Barley sabayon, mulberry, “vanilla”
Mangosteen, rosella

New Wave
Carrot, pumpkin seed, anise, marigold
Fermented turmeric beer, nigari

Jitterbug Perfume
Jasmine, beet, local lemon, local melon
Blewah, bubbles

Sourdough, stracciatella, Singaraja grapes, radicchio
Mugwort, marigold

Whiskey Torture
Pineapple, whiskey, tarragon
Mango, clove, java pepper

The Sugar Refinery
Coconut nectar chantilly, chocolate toblerone, soursop, Balinese meringue
Koming’s vermouth

Caramel Tea Brulee
Caramel, black tea, cardamom, sea salt
Balinese cold brew coffee, tonic water

Full Tasting Experience is 1150 per person
Spiritless Tasting is 960 per person
Unpaired Tasting menu is 740 per person

*Prices are per person, in thousand Rupiah and do not include 21% government tax and service charge.