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Season 13.5: THE GOLDEN AGE

The following is this season’s current menu, subject to change to slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, product availability, and pure whimsy. 

The menu includes complimentary 7 snacks at the beginning and 7 petit fours at the end from Chef Will and R4D Team. Please don’t hate us if it either changes or stays the same.

Rosella, rosella cream, watermelon granita
Rosella, orange, lime, mangosteen

Grilled Papaya
With burnt coconut milk
Passionfruit, jamu, curcuma, mint

Incidente Stradale
Jamu, coffee cream, coconut vinegar meringue
Snakefruit, black tea, clarified whey

Strawberry, milk skin, rice pudding, champak frozen meringue
Rose, hibiscus, wormwood

Apple “Cookie”
Apple, frangipani cream, candlenut
Citrus, apple

Whiskey, Torture, Turganev
Arak mousse, lime meringue, grilled pineapple
Pineapple, lime

Bubbles and Islands 
Poached meringue, candlenut anglaise and praline/
Chocolate spuma, lime gel, Mom’s cookies

Full Tasting Experience is IDR 1,290,000 per person
Spiritless Tasting is IDR 1,090,000 per person
Unpaired Tasting is IDR 890,000 per person

*Prices do not include 21% government tax and service charge.

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