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Burnt Ends  |  Singapore

Kicking off 5 April with the powerhouse that is Dave Pynt of Singapore’s Burnt Ends and now The Ledge by Dave Pynt at the Waldorf Astoria, Chef Dave was our first guest chef back in the days when it seemed we would burn down the house at the first opportunity. Well, he’s back to try it again.



Amass  |  Copenhagen

Next up, 24 May from the grey and gloomy skies of Copenhagen, Chef Matt Orlando of Amass . Easy to confuse with a boyband lead singing sensation, Chef Matt recently opened Broaden and Build, a brewery adjacent to Amass where he employs a radical “no such thing as a byproduct, only another product” philosophy to create incredible dishes packed with flavor.

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GAA  |  Bangkok

21 June sees Garima Arora of GAA  at R4D. Proud owner of a Michelin star and recently awarded Best Female Chef of Asia by the illustrious sparkling water company, Chef Garima is known for her striking takes on traditional flavors and dynamic presentations. One of our favorite and most surprising meals from a decadent 2018.

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Bo.lan  |  Bangkok

Bangkok dangerous again on 19 July with dynamic duo Bo and Dylan of the “eponymous” Bo-lan (and Err). Recently featured on Chef’s Table , Chefs Dylan and Bo have been great friends of R4D over the years, and even took the time from their schedule to cook family meal for our staff. An unforgettable night on the cards.

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L’Effervescence  |  Tokyo

Shinobu Namae graces the stoves, and we do mean graces, of L’Effervescence Tokyo , ** Michelin.  He recently opened Bricolage Bread Co, and spends his time pursuing cultural connections to gastronomy across the globe. Previously of Fat Duck UK and Michel Bras Japan, Chef Namae will bring his signature poetic style to our local landscape of ingredients on 16 August.

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Brae  |  Birregurra

Last and certainly not least, Dan Hunter will come and give us some gardening tips based on his epic farm driven restaurant in Birraegurra. Brae is known across the world for its direct approach to flavor and technique, and Chef Dan’s work was featured in his incredible Phaidon book which we have been drooling over for years. 20 September and that’s a wrap.

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